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H to Oh is a dream-scape of surrealist vignettes.  The evening-length trio builds a mosaic of moments, each segment a slice of life: a temper tantrum crashes and  splashes in a kiddie pool; a soloist dances under a rain of colorful flying laundry; a trio quarrels loudly and in unison, then in silence. There’s even a rock out, off-kilter, fantasy dance routine.

H to Oh explores the undertones of mundane routines, inner fantasies, and a pile
of emotional (and actual) dirty laundry; seeking to amplify these moments,
to make them resonate palpably for us all.IMG_4541 - Version 2 crop

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Pele Bauch
Created & performed by: Bryon Carr, Jessica Winograd, Pele Bauch
Additional performers: Kristina Donello, Lindsey Drury, Tjasa Ferme, Erica Hochstedler, Ashlea Palafox, Amie Segal
Music: Mike Rugnetta
Scenic & Costume Design: Sara C. Walsh
Directorial Consultant: Eva Burgess

H to Oh was conceived in the marshes of White Oak during a residency with The Field and created in a residency
provided by The Joyce Theater Foundation, New York City, with major support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Performed right at the audience’s feet, –ism offers a rare up-close performance experience. Sliding along the floor, the dancers move like cubist amoebas wrapped in plastic. The dancers crinkle and melt, shifting into twisted stretches and folding through flat tangles. They are sensitized, living compasses pressing outward along a low plane. The organic evolution of these beings is surprising. As inevitable as erosion,they rearrange the audience seating as the performance progresses. Viewers find themselves inside the performance space, watching the dance  unfold all around them.

Performers:  10-12 dancers
Music:  Ingram Marshall
Costumes & Set:  Pele Bauch

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The creation of –ism was made possible in part by a Dance Theater Workshop’s Outer/Space Creative Residency at CAVE as well as space grants from the Chocolate Factory and The Field’s Field Artist Residency program.  The Joyce SoHo premiere in July 2007 was made possible by grants from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council & the Harkness Foundation for Dance.


This duet presents the body through form and geometry.  The dance begins with disjointed, pointed shifts, the dancers’ backs to the audience.  Using their limbs as segments of sculpture, they carve the space around them at odd curves and angles.  Pedestal offers an unusual vocabulary of movement based in an off-kilter use of line and a random sense of time and shape.  Precise alterations are sprinkled with erratic, uneven shifts resulting in surprise coincidences when rare moments of unison appear.  Shifting to opposing dynamics, the pair weaves through the space in liquid, octopus-like tangles.  The two vie subtly for dominance in sinuous sparks.  They arrange and sculpt one another, parsing what we see and softening the starkness of their fragmented structure.

Performers:  Abby Chan and Christine Sandifer
Music:  Alon Nechushtan
Costumes:  Ann Rodak

The creation of Pedestal was made possible, in part, by a space grant from the 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center.

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