Premiere of H to Oh at The Chocolate Factory

H to OhWed–Sat, Nov 3–6, 2010
The Chocolate Factory

H to Oh is a dream-scape of vignettes: a temper tantrum dance splashing in a kiddie pool, a family photo, sibling rivalry, and lots of laundry. Part psychological landscape and part pure movement, H to Oh explores the quandaries, emotions, and sensations infused in private moments of ordinary routines and the fantasies of what we might do. The work explores the simple beauty and emotional complications inherent in life, even in mundane tasks.

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Pele Bauch
Created and performed by Bryon Carr, Jessica Winograd, Pele Bauch
Music: Mike Rugnetta
Directorial Consultant: Eva Burgess
Scenery & Costumes: Sara C. Walsh
Light Design: Vincent Vigilante
Additional Performers: Additional performers: Kristina Donello, Lindsey Drury, Tjasa Ferme, Erica Hochstedler, Ashlea Palafox, Amie Segal

H to Oh was created in a residency provided by The Joyce Theater Foundation, New York City, with major support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Photos by Arthur Dworin
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