The New York Times

H to Oh

“The strength of the excerpt is its ability to engulf the audience in the atmosphere; you completely forget you’re sitting in a theater.  …there is really quite a beauty to her awkward movement, a real sense of battle between calm and chaos that draws you in.”

Sofia Konstance Uralsky, iDANZ Critix Corner


“Their movement looks like a distinctly nonhuman means of locomotion.  …we hear the sound–a rustling, clicking sound, as of some disagreeable form of insect life… wads of wax paper the dancers have stuck inside their costumes … I loved the piece.”

Henry Baumgartner, New York Theatre Wire

“the otherworldly quality taken on by the crooked bodies that made their way across stage laying down, creating their own soundscape from a mysterious material somehow on them…. It seemed as though the floor was moving, not the dancers, and the sound of the movement was everywhere.”

Anne Mercurio, Dancing World


“courageously pushed standards of dance… the two dancers are dignified and lovely. Beautifully paired in intensity and control they move though conjoined shape-shifting arch walks across a diagonal, precise striking out in angular lines, and periodic softened curves in profile.”

Anne Mercurio, Dancing World

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