Teaching at Movement Research

Experiments in Making and Describing

Saturdays 3-6pm, November 5 – November 19

Dance artists need more time!

How do you find time to take a choreography workshop, rehearse, and organize a feedback forum for your project?

How do you develop new work and apply for opportunities simultaneously without poisoning your process with stress?

These were the questions I asked when creating the workshop Experiments in Making and Describing.

The workshop is a gift of time and community support toward artists’ need to explore and craft the layers of their choreography and to articulate their vision in words.  We’ll engage in creative experiments and identify language to describe our work.   At the end of the workshop, we’ll have generated new material and text for our projects without overshadowing the process with career concerns.

Each session will offer an impetus for exploration, time to make two versions of your material and to examine their different possibilities with group feedback. Writing is integrated into the explorations and a draft project description will be the outgrowth of this process.

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