Dramaturgy Testimonials

Pele’s precision and clarity in describing what she saw and in asking thoughtful, insightful, incisive questions was tremendously useful to me in ‘seeing’ the project and understanding how it was working. I always came away from our conversations with clarity about the project’s development and where I was moving with it.
– Yanira Castro, a canary torsi

Pele is a great presence in a studio. She describes what she perceives very well, and gives a full spectrum of information, ranging from aesthetics to content to culture to mood. Some of the comments she gave me were outside of what I usually put emphasis on, making her feedback incredibly valuable. Pele really gives balanced responses to what she experiences.
– Brian Books, Brian Brooks Moving Company

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pele many times over the last 6 years. She has a deep practice of seeing artistic projects and giving feedback and guidance that include intellectual, emotional, and kinesthetic responses without a bias towards style.
— Deborah Black

Pele’s feedback helped me clarify and distill where I was in my process in the studio. She helped me bring questions to the surface lurking underneath the work and assisted me in looking again at my true intentions.
— Carrie Ahern

I wanted to thank you for provoking thought, posing questions, and offering perspective in regard to “Rooms.”  Though we have been developing it wholeheartedly over the past several months, your input was so valuable throughout the process, and it really helped us move forward with our meaning-making within the movement.  Thank you for helping us make the work so specific, intentional, and comprehensive.
– Barbie Diewald

Pele generously and warmly helped me realize my vision.   She simply helped me see what it was I really wanted, and helped me articulate what I was trying to find in the work.  When she came into the room I kept saying something was missing about halfway through the piece, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.  She encouraged me to trust my senses, and name what I was looking for.  The next time I went back to rehearsal I very clearly built a new chunk of material that definitely was the missing piece, and it was incredibly satisfying to find it.
– Sara Zimmerman

Pele’s matter-of-fact observations and perceptive feedback helped me bring into focus what I wanted to say. She’s an ideal sounding board – and so much more!
– Rachel Cohen, Racoco Rx

Pele Bauch is a patient and thoughtful observer.  Working with Pele, I was always drawn to how she sees the landscape of the dance and also the tiny, tiny particles that lie within it.  She is disciplined in process and knows how to ask the right questions to move forward.
– Donna Costello

We need the voices that will help us understand our world as it changes. Pele is a champion for those voices, nurturing them, connecting them with resources, validating their very existence, which is no small thing. Pele is truly in service to the wide, diverse community of independent New York City artists.
– Jen Abrams, Wow Café, 2007 BAX10 Passing it on Award to Pele Bauch, The Field

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