Dance Dramaturgy

“Working with a dramaturg is like having an extra brain supporting your creative process.

My agenda is to try to understand what a director or choreographer wants in their work, to reflect whats happening in the piece, and to help artists to see and make choices based on their goals.

It’s a dialogue.  The conversation resulting from the feedback can unearth questions for the work or new perspectives on one’s intentions.”
– Pele Bauch

Pele’s focus as a dance dramaturg is to help movement artists achieve their vision. She provides detailed comments and analysis which artists find helps them gain clarity on their work and see their choices.  Rehearsals are then more fruitful and productive, saving valuable time and money. Pele’s approach maintains the choreographer’s authorship and honors their individual voice.

Pele Bauch has enjoyed supporting artists’ creative processes for ten years.  Artists include: Brian Brooks, Yanira Castro, Rachel Cohen, Barbie Diewald, Rebecca Davis, Shannon Gillen, Krista Jansen, Abigail Levine, Erin Malley, Jody Oberfelder, Michal Samama, Jody Sperling, Stephanie Sleeper, Rebekah Windmiller, Sara Zimmerman.

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Pele has provided critical feedback to more than 100 artists.  As Associate Director, Programming at The Field for many years she regularly led creative residencies and facilitates Fieldwork feedback workshops.  She has also lead post-performance discussions for Movement Research and Conversations at The Flea and provided dramaturgical feedback to students at Hunter College.  Also a choreographer, Pele has experienced both criticism and praise that were either productive or lacking information and therefore not useable.  This perspective and her respect for other artists’ intentions is what guides her as a dance dramaturg.

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