Artist Statement

I create dances that explore the oddities of human nature through abstraction, visual metaphor, and physical experience. I am interested in using dance’s ability to communicate on a sensory level to bring out that which is less tangible, non-linear, and visually arresting.

Each work is a holistic universe in which movement and surrounding elements combine to create a unique context. Over the years, my process has honed itself to focus on a single point of departure. Every action and every choice is based on a work’s originating concept.

The resulting performances offer immediate images that are at once alien and relatable. They are foreign in their strangely shaped bodies and familiar in their organic, visceral movement qualities that are inevitably universal. It’s in this place where the intimately familiar and uncomfortably alien meet that I enjoy creative discoveries.

When developing choreography, I dissect qualities and choices through a thorough investigation. I sculpt movement searching for unfamiliar shapes. Molding the body in unexpected ways reveals an asymmetrical elegance that can be both elemental and emotive.

My work is very visual. Having a strong connection to visual art, a rigorous sense of design is always present in my work. It brings the choreography into real space and time. Design gives the work an architecture through which performer and audience can interface.

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